The .50 AE Ammo

.50 ae ammo

The .50 AE Ammo

AE refers to Action Express. The .50 AE is a large- calibre handgun cartridge. This cartridge originated in America and was designed to boost semi-auto pistols‘ performance by creating a new cartridge design. The Action Express line was developed to travel faster and give maximum power. Action Express is best known for its usage in Desert Eagle handgun. The line of Action Express included .50 AE, 9mm and .41 calibre rounds. The .50 AE caught the firearms community’s attention, while the smaller calibre rounds never gained popularity.

There are several types of .50 AE ammo such as Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point (BJHP), Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP), Jacketed Soft Point (JSP) and Soft Point (SP). JHP ammunition is chosen for personal protection, hunting games and home defence by users, whereas soft point bullets give shooters a slower expansion and deeper penetration. Since .50 AE gives maximum power, it is preferred by the firearms community. A .50 AE is a hard-hitting magnum cartridge that is excellent for hunting and targeting applications and defending against predators.

The handguns that can fire .50 AE ammo include the Freedom Arms Model 555, AMT Automag and Desert Eagle.



.50 Action Express (ae) ammo

It is a large-calibre handgun cartridge. It was developed in 1988 and is one of the most powerful pistol cartridges. The .50 AE is best known for its use in the Desert Eagle. The .50 AE handgun cartridge principal uses include medium and big game hunting and metallic silhouette shooting. The .50 AE can also be used as a defence against large animals or predators like a bear.

Desert EagleĀ  .50 ae Ammo

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic pistol. Desert Eagle was designed and developed by Magnum Research Inc. The Desert Eagle uses a gas-operated chambering mechanism which is usually used in rifles.

The advantage of gas-operated chambering is that it allows the use of more powerful cartridges. It is very easy to switch desert eagle to another chamber as it only requires installing the correct barrel, bolt assembly and magazine. Thus, it can be quickly converted to fire other cartridges.

The rim diameters of .50 AE and .44 Remington Magnum cartridges are the same, so it only requires changing a barrel and magazine to convert a .44 Desert Eagle into the powerful .50 AE.

The detachable magazines that can be used in a Desert Eagle are .357 Magnum with a magazine capacity of 9 rounds, .44 Magnum with the capacity of 8 rounds, .50 AE with a magazine capacity of 7 rounds.

.50 Cal Desert EagleĀ  ae Ammo

Desert Eagle is a powerful handgun, making an appearance in many action movies, computer games etc. It is a semi-automatic pistol that is gas-operated. It has a large chrome frame compensator for lighter recoil.

The gas-powered mechanism in the Desert Eagle pistol allows it to shoot the .50 calibre bullets. The enormous .50 calibre bullet is larger than certain assault rifles.

The .50 cal Desert Eagle ammo is the largest “legal” calibre allowed for handguns in the United States of America. The .50 cal Desert Eagle ammo has some serious penetrating power.

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