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9mm ammo

Buy High Quality 9mm Ammo || Best 9mm Deal 2021


Finding the best ammunition for your security or self-defence creates a relation between you and the ammo industry. An ammunition market is a vast place where you can find guns from small to large sizes. For personal protection and conceal carry, 9mm guns are among the best picks for most people. The 9mm handguns come with compact size and very low recoil.

But which 9mm is grate for you is the big question. There are so many variants of the 9mm handgun ammo; you have to find yours from comparing tests results and data. People select a handgun comparing it’s better shooting ability. Though actually, it doesn’t matter how your gun runs other than the terminal ballistics. Here are some of the best terminal ballistics that you can for your conceal carry a handgun. 

9mm ammo


Buy 9mm Ammo

9milli-meters or commonly known as the 9mm ammo  is the most common ammunition for personal use. For ensuring your defence in any inappropriate threat assessment. There are few standard regulatory tests for evaluating a bullet quality. If you are looking for suggestions before purchasing ammo, here I’m suggesting the top five ammo; according to their price and quality know how to buy 9mm ammo online.  



Federal Premium HST 9mm ammo online 

The Federal premium HST 9mm ammunition is created to maximize the expansion without overly limiting penetration. The Bullet can cut a larger hole, though it still penetrates deep for its weight retention and star shape. The Federal HST has conducted extensive ammunition tests to prove HST loads meet The Federal Bauru of Intelligence (FBI) standards, and penetration remains consistent through seven barrier tests. The average penetration and expansion for all nine milli-metres defensive handgun loads are fourteen inches in point, Five-seven inch respectively, for all practical purposes. This load average and tests through one layer of denim delivered identical results to bare gelatin. The Bullets are perfect for penetrating intermediate barriers quickly. Law enforcement agencies have already approved Federal HST 9mm ammunition. 


The Federal HST has eight variants according to weight (124-230 gm). The price starts at 29.99-40.99 per box. You can order two boxes in a single order. You can purchase online from their official website HERE instantly.



Hornaday 9mm ammo Critical Defence


The Hornaday Nine-Millimeter luger is one of the most effective reduced recoil option for any shooter; who is looking to minimize the felt recoil of their lightweight, compact personal protection handgun. This ammunition load gives you the excellent terminal performance that you will get 10 to 11 inches of penetration with this with very good expansion, approximately six-tenths of an inch expansion.

This is a highly effective load with very light recoil. It is specifically tuned for compact firearms the shorter barrels, but it will also function very reliably in full-size frame handguns. Conceal carry handguns which comes with a long barrel and frame that 9mm critical defence life load, features a 27% reduction in recoil compared to standard loads. It also provides 10 inches of penetration on ballistic gelatin through heavy clothing designed with the same proven components of the law enforcement standards. This Bullet offers features a 100-grain FTX bullet unique flex tip an effectively reduced recoil load for all shooters. 


The Hornaday 9mm Critical Defense is available online; you can buy this one at a very reasonable price. For 25 rounds, you have to pay 23.89. Though their official site is down, and other sites are charging almost 40$, I found this site; these guys are selling at a cheap rate. Click HERE for ordering now!! 


Winchester Lee PDX One Defender 9mm ammo for sale 


The 9mm Winchester Lee PDX one defender personal defence ammo is a bonded bullet intended to succeed against the tough FBI ammunition testing protocol. The FBI was impressed enough with Winchester PDx1 round test results. FBI adopted this ammunition as their official duty ammunition. It’s engineered to maximize terminal ballistics protocol as defined by the high standard FBI test protocol, which simulates real-world threats. This ammunition has impressive expansion in notable velocities of various ranges.

9mm Winchester ammo for sale  has a better proprietary bonding that has a better stopping power when it counts. The engineers have decided to weld together the lead core & the copper jacket so that they can obtain the controlled expansion and higher weight retention. The bonding can also take the toughest barriers of varied ranges and velocities to simulate real-world threat; upon impact, the wrapped hollow point initiates expansion up to 1 1/2 times the size of the original bullet diameter. Finally, Winchester has chosen to use nickel-plated brass to maximize reliability through smooth chambering and case ejection. 


The Winchester Lee PDX One Defender is available on their official site. It’s better to buy from the brands official site for getting them at the retail price. You can also locate your nearest Winchester dealer from their site. Click HERE to order from official Winchester. 



Speer Gold Dot G2 Ammo depot

Spear Gold G has created a new standard in duty ammunition. Spear gold dodgy to the new standard in heavy-duty ammo spear gold has set the new performance with the highest scores in the history of the FBI protocol. It combines Spears proven gold dot bonded bullet construction with a next-generation nose design. Instead of a large hollow point cavity, the G2 has a shallow dish with a high-performance elastomer. The result is extremely reliable expansion, better paddle separation and uniform penetration through the most demanding FBI protocol barrier tests. 


The Speer Gold Dot G2 comes with a muzzle velocity of 1020; the bullet weights 147 gm; each box has 20 rounds. You have to pay 31.99 for a single box. Order HERE!!


Federal Premium Hydra Shock


The Federal Premium Hydra Shock is another advanced level ammo, which has proven it’s superiority in self-defence since 1989. Hydra shock deep builds the same tested platform with design improvements that better meet modern performance standards. 

It has a very strong center post in a compact core, and it’s loaded with Federal Premium specially formulated propellant, extremely reliable primer and nickel-plated brass. The enhanced design penetrates 15 inches in bare ballistics gel. The optimal depth, according to FBI standards, is 50% deeper than both original Hydra shock and competitor loads. It also scores 70% higher, and FBI protocol testing and provides better integrity through civilian barriers. The hydra shock deep is really focused on good expansion but good penetration.

So, the optimal amount of penetration for a handgun bullet, as determined by the FBI, is 14 to 16 inches. The company engineers wanted to make the bullet deeper they made some changes in the formation and reached the optimal performance. 


Federal Premium Hydra Shock has different variants according to its velocity, weight and bullet type. The prices start from 21.99$ to 27.99$ per case. Order HERE from their official site. 



Where to Buy Ammo Cheap?


Currently, there is an ammo shortage all over the USA. The manufacturers can’t supply enough, and the ammo market is a bit down. Online shops are selling ammo but at a high price, which is too much for people. But after the normalization of the entire pandemic situation, you can buy guns at a cheap rate. You must be thinking how? You can easily find attractive gun deals in the ammo exhibitions. Though the exhibitions have strict rules for limited purchasing, at least you can get enough from the exhibitions.

If you are looking for creating an ammo stock, then you have to contact company salesmen; these people can help you to buy more products at a reasonable deal. 

For those of you who are looking to buy ammo right, I can suggest you an awesome site; the people are ammunition at very cheap rates. You can find your desired deal by ordering from HERE


In this difficult time, the ammo business took a very hard blow right in the gut. If you are able then, please support your nearest local gun shops; these are the good people in your neighbourhood, once who provided your personal security. Don’t let them go out of business. Stay armed, and keep your loved ones safe. 


9mm ammo



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