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The .50 AE Ammo

.50 ae ammo

The .50 AE Ammo AE refers to Action Express. The .50 AE is a large- calibre handgun cartridge. This cartridge originated in America and was designed to boost semi-auto pistols‘ performance by creating a new cartridge design. The Action Express line was developed to travel faster and give maximum power. Action Express is best known […]


7mm ammo

THE 7mm AMMO The 7mm ammo is amazing for smaller and higher animals, it is a list of firearm cartridges that consist of a bullet 7.00 right up to 7.99millimeters. The cartridges case and the OAL(overall length of the cartridge). The 7mm ammo is firearm cartridges with bullets in the 7.00 millimetres to 7.99 millimetres […]